How To Get Fit | Tips and Guide to Getting Fit!

hey everyone welcome back sorry today
I’m going to talk about one of the most
important public health issue I’m going
to talk about how to get fit and stay
fit and all of that the first tip is to
set the fifth goal not just a baseball
like I’m going to lose 10 kilos is a
year yes talk month – cencula
it’s good for long term goals but you’re
gonna have some spectacles so if you
don’t say I’m gonna stick you in two or
one seven and the chances are you’re not
going to do it straight away you’re
going to dress it on drag it on and
Movember you’re going to be like crap
have a lot anyway Thanksgiving is
princess I’m not going to look anyway
I’m not even gonna try just scrap it I’m
gonna do it next year you can start
setting goals for the month from
tomorrow let’s say you want to do one
kilo in a month
what about and adopts particular in a
year so I think that’s a lot more
realistic as well and that brings me to
my second point and that’s to set
realistic goals not some crazy
unachievable goals like I’m going to
lose 10 kilos this month you’re going to
crash and burn and you’re most likely
going to quit after a month so yeah stop
saying small goals realistic goals and
also long-term goals and I think that’s
a great start to getting fit tip number
three try to make small changes you
can’t change your lifestyle overnight I
have been doing this for two years now
so I like eating healthy I’ll pray for
pizza burger
I don’t really crazy so one day you’ll
get there but it takes time and don’t
rush into it if you rush into anything
you have not going to like it your
body’s going to take time for the
deadness and your mind so my advice is
to take it slow everything when I
exercising using
so changes your lifestyle you got to
take it slow
tip number four and that going off-track
is completely fine there’s going to be
like birthday parties Thanksgiving
Christmas you’re going to be drinking
eating lots of unhealthy food whatever
it’s completely fine you guys getting
one or two killers you’re probably going
to be water weight mostly but don’t
freak me out don’t give up just because
you gained two kilos just get back on it
just smash again at a gym or at home
whatever you want to do so if you want
to have a couple of cheat meals a week
like two or three chickens is completely
fine don’t beat yourself up because you
want to be healthy you want to look lean
and shit like that if you need some
pizza today do it man you got to live
your life because I love your name
chick number five and that’s how to stay
so taking forests of the progress is one
way to stay motivated and also a winner
self by arkum take photos of a boy once
a month or once a week if you want to
but you’re not going to see much
difference on a day to day basis so if
you are going to take photos every day
you’re not going to see any difference
you’re going to be so fast rated so I
take photos once a month and you’re
going to be so motivated when you see
different but it’s little a lot you’re
going to see some difference if you have
been eating healthy and waking up and
also if you’re trying to lose weight
don’t waste yourself every day because
you’re gonna go crazy especially if
you’re a girl because we get hormonal
no way yourself every day where you
solve one month or once a week but if
you’re trying to gain weight or gain
muscle maybe weigh yourself every day
and take an average for the week
tip number six and that’s to not compare
yourself to your friends to the people
energon or to the people on social media
especially the people on social media so
don’t compare yourself to the photos
that you’ve seen on social media use
them and then curation instead because
all these photos are just a split second
it’s just one freaking snap of maybe 50
snaps and all I’m sorry nobody is going
to look freaking relaxed when you’re
taking a photo so what we do is we $10
Tommy with second out tummy we turn we
make our butt look bigger than it really
so yeah don’t compare your progress to
the photos that you’ve seen on social
media it’s just unhealthy just remember
those are the best photos that we
decided to share on Instagram we don’t
look like that 24/7
there’s no way to ask apps 24 them this
just is just impossible life is just
okay the last tip I think that’s tip
number seven so the last tip is to do a
service that motivates you the most when
it’s lifting weights yoga exercises
dancing whatever so whatever that helps
you to get to your goals
besides you’re enjoying it and also if
you’re someone who gets one of the same
routine again again and changed up I
think that’s all I want to say in this
video yeah I hope I helped you out you
enjoyed it please keep it and also
subscribe you get me and I’ll see you
guys very soon